Clam Shell

Look Closely

Here's a quick post about trying the clam shell technique.  I think I've seen it done with two soft boxes.  I don't have one so I used the shoot-thru umbrella for the top and a silver autoshade from Wal-Mart for the bottom.  It looks nice to me.  You can see both speculars in his eyes.  The umbrella was directly in front of and above him aiming down.  I was shooting in the small gap between the umbrella and the reflector.  It is a very flat, soft look with a slight shadow below the nose. 

I did a little touch up in Lightroom.  The clarity slider is really cool.  I backed that off just a bit to smooth the face.  Brought up the blacks a bit for some contrast.  Finally, just a bit of overall sharpening. 


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