Smiley, originally uploaded by paggre.

Another portrait with one strobe and one umbrella. I really like the catch light in his eyes. Would like to have used a reflector on the right to bring up the shadow just a bit.


In The Sunshine

In The Sunshine, originally uploaded by paggre.

Here is another exercise in taking advantage of different color temperatures. The strobe is not gelled but the morning sun is warmer so we get some texture in the color.


In The Jungle

In The Jungle, originally uploaded by paggre.

This was taken during the same session as the last post. This one looks very natural. He got up close to the umbrella which makes the light nice and soft. And I like the rim light from the sun.

Strobist: 1 285HV thru umbrella camera left @ 1/16th power. Evening sun behind coming thru the tree backlighting leaves and subject.


Oh yeah.

Oh yeah., originally uploaded by paggre.

I'm always looking for a better background around the house. I took this from below so that the sycamore becomes the background. Evening sun provides the rim light. I should have waited a bit longer for the sun to set more so that I didn't blow out the areas between the leaves. It still works though.


Still a tough life.

Still a tough life., originally uploaded by paggre.

This was a neat exercise. Again an assignment from Set the camera to tungsten white balance. This turns the daylight from the window at camera right blue. Then you gel the flash just passed correct to warm things up from the left. In this case I used a full CTO and a 1/2 CTO gel.