Taking The Opportunity

You Talkin' To Me?

Had a few opportunities tonight to shoot.  I noticed the evening sun coming through the boys' bedroom window and I decided to grab the umbrella and balance with the sun.  So I was in the process of doing that when I hear from the master bathroom "Come look at Maggie, she has funny ears".  That lead to this natural light photo.  We have a big window at the bathtub that I have frosted and it makes a great light source. 

My Hair!

So back to the boys' room and another natural light shot here with the sun filtering through the bunk bed beams.

Evening Sun


Coming Soon . . .

I'm switching back.  Man I hate to do this switching back and forth but I am so bummed about the lack of widgets and the ability to customize on wordpress.  They're security is so high that you are very limited in the HTML/JAVA widgets that you can add to your blog.