You Would Think For The Price Of Admission You Could Stay Awake.

There are plenty of great things to photograph at Disney.  You know like these type of things.

But I found something better.  My 8 year old son and I were on a mission for ice cream.  As we made our way through the crowd, I noticed something . . . something interesting . . . something strange . . . something quite funny!  A whole family asleep on a bench.  We stopped in our tracks.  Time seemed to stand still.  I immediately went for my camera in the Black Rapid R-Strap hanging on my right side, drew it to my face with haste and SNAP!  I actually took more than one shot of them.  Then 2 guys behind us started laughing.  They asked "Do you even know those people?"  "Nope", I replied.  Which caused them to laugh even harder. 

This was the beginning of a photo theme for my day.  One might think that this family would be the only people sleeping in Epcot.  One would be wrong.  So just like you when you get a new car and you start to notice all of the other same cars on the road.  We began to spot the sleepers.  And I proceeded to photograph those dozers.  I guess the happiest place on earth wore them out.

I love this one.  Somehow her flip flops make it.

Do you really trust that no one is going to steal that backpack?

This guy I can relate to.  Looks like a Dad who has just had enough.

I can't talk though, we had a snoozer in our ranks as well.  She's awful cute though.

So thank you all of you unsuspecting sleepers.  I pray your Disney dreams came true!