Around The House


Wow it's been a long time since posting.  Life has been . . . well . . . interesting.  So, now 4 1/2 months into being laid off I am trying to catch up on the photography that I've been doing.  This was a great session with a great family.  They had family in town and it was great to capture the generations.

We started working inside the house.  I looked around and was drawn to the light in the kitchen.  The sun was high and it was pouring soft light in through the windows in the dining room to the right and from the sliders leading to the porch to the left.  I had them turn on the recessed lighting and hanging lights.  Then I added 2 strobes.  One for key light on the subjects and one to fill in some dark areas behind and to the left.  This was definitely an exercise in balancing flash and ambient light.  I love the pose above leaning on the kitchen counters.

Then we moved outside and dealt with the heat and high sun raining in through the oaks.  But we got some fun shots with natural Florida as the backdrop.