The Light Stand Is In The Way

My Eggo

When it's time to photograph in our small kitchen, the light stand is always in the way.  It gets pushed, pulled, kicked, sneezed on, you get the point.  So tonight I though, "you know, instead of trying to Rembrandt light everything and everyone, I could look at this as an opportunity to expand my horizons".  It may not have been that dramatic in my head.  Probably went something more like this, "Man I wish I could breathe!  I'm just going to stick the stand in the corner and see what I get".  So I like what happened.  Everything was back lit or side lit.  Definitely a step in the right direction.  I like the specular highlights on the table from the umbrella.



New Bikes Rock!

Fresh New Bike

So my Eli got a new bike.  He got rewarded for crying and fussing less for a few days strait and also for going a night without a diaper for the first time.

I haven't been shooting much these days.  But I had some inspiration from checking on the subject of  It is down low.  Taking from a low vantage point.  I took this from maybe six inches off of the ground.  I didn't try to lay down and focus, I just held the camera low.  I watched it focus and figured since I was f4 or f5.6 that as long as it focused somewhere on the bike I should have enough depth of field to have her face in focus.

Riding The Tricycle