And The Winner Is . . .

I was hired by 3 families to photograph their children who were on the Homecoming court at Merritt Island High School this weekend.

So after getting lost a couple of times (thanks google maps), we made it to the stadium.  By we I mean that the whole family was with me.  It was raining and we were late but we made it.  So I broke my first rule of photography which is: be early to the location.  It gives me time to survey the situation, look for inspiration, and come up with a plan to light things if necessary.  That was out the window.  I walked as fast as I could with my gear to the opposite end zone where there was a tent with the young ladies and their escorts and mothers.  And they were ready to start taking shots.  No time to set up so I just started shooting ambient light only.  Which ended up turning out well but from the back of the camera, I wasn't all that confident. 

So I put a strobe on the camera and took some using the strobe for key light.  I really really really don't like doing that.  But the results here are good I think.  After removing some red eye.  I love this candid.

That didn't last long and the parents and myself headed up into the stands to wait for the halftime events.  I kept looking down to the tent and thinking I wish I would have stayed down there to get some more shots.  Gretchen confirmed that idea by asking me about it.  So I went back down there.  Not sure about security at these things.  There was a couple of deputies at the gate to the field.  I suppose a guy with a camera body with a battery grip and a strobe looks professional and they never questioned me.  You just have to look like you belong.

This was a much better situation.  No one was rushed.  The kids were having fun talking and joking.  And I was thankful that they were under a white tent.  The worlds largest softbox.  So I used it as you can see in the lead picture above.  Nice soft light.  I dragged the shutter (slowed down the shutter speed) to allow the field in the background to burn in.

Then came halftime. 

As they walked across the field I tried to incorporate the marching band and ROTC kiddos.  Looked great by the way.  I took some without flash but the umbrellas were shadowing their faces too much so I went back to using the strobe as more of a fill in this case and also allowing the stadium lights to backlight them and make their umbrellas glow.

And the winner was . . . one of the girls that I was covering.  How cool.

Then they all made a lap around the track in some sweet golf carts.


Great Family, Great Portraits

Had the pleasure of photographing another great family this weekend.  It was very relaxing and fun.  And best of all, we got some great shots.  I shot some with ambient light only.  It was an overcast evening so the light was soft.  Brought in a strobe and umbrella on some to make the subjects pop a little. 

Their son is adorable.  Love the missing front teeth.

He is obviously loved like crazy by mommy and daddy.

Here they are.  All three.  This is ambient light only.

We let the young man play some and I worked with mom and dad to give them some shots of themselves.  I brought the strobe in here.  But I kept it almost on axis to mimic the overcast light that didn't have any direction to it.

I like the way this gate frames this shot.

And to prove that we had fun, here 'ya go.  I like the barricade and cars in the background here.  It is true to the environment that we were in.

Be blessed.


Fall In Kentucky

We went to my family reunion this weekend in Kentucky.  Can't even describe how great the trip was on so many levels.  Had some revelations about my Dad's history.  Grew closer to my sister and her family (I love you guys).  Here they are!

Anyway, before I get too mushy, there was some photography going on as well.  The leaves thankfully changed while we were there.  So in my sister and brother-in-law's back yard me and the boys had some adventures.  They quickly got tired of Daddy stopping every 100 feet and setting up a strobe and umbrella.  But I was undeterred. 

OK I was a little deterred by this guy.  If you have a genus and species on this, please let me know.

The colors were amazing.

The shots above are using a strobe in a shoot-thru umbrella.

Here are two of my favorites from down by the lake.  These are just backlit shots exposed for the shadows on the face.

I'll leave you with this smiley face!