Five Two

So here's what happens when you take your son to see his (and his Dad's) favorite hip-hop artist.  We saw KJ-52 last weekend.  And also a local artist 20th The Remix (who was awesome!).  My oldest was pretty much on stage.  KJ-52 was freestyling about him and took his hat off and pretended to give it to someone else.  So since he was pretty much in the show, he has been pumped ever since.  We had a dance party tonight in our house.  Something we do pretty often.  Turn off the lights, music on the computer, turn on the disco ball, AWESOME!  I got inspired to do some of the photos with the edgy look that fits the music genre.  Cross lighting with my two monolights with only their reflectors on.

This one is just cute.

When I see this one I think it's after he has just finished rockin' the spot in some stadium and is coming off the stage.  He's tired and ready to get back to the tour bus and knock back a couple of apple juice boxes.  No time for the paparazzi.  "Get up off me!"

So KJ I hope you see this.  Thanks for inspiring my seven year old.  I am so thankful for all of the artists like you that God is using to be a positive influence.  My son is supposed to be sleeping now but just came out and told us that he is writing a song called "God Rose On The Third Day".  Surely there won't be any copyright issues right? :)