The Moment Is Here


And the big announcement is here in this amazingly great video.  I mean really.  It is a great video. :)  Just kidding.  Congratulations!!!  I'll be in touch so as to set up a time and location for our session.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Thanks for entering.  Maybe we will do this more often.  Maybe this will be an annual thing.

Eat plenty and enjoy your families.

Be Blessed.


Happy Thanksgiving And A Free Photo Session

Here is a first.  For the first time PBPhoto is doing a giveaway.   The reward is a free setting fee for a 1 hour session.  I will post the best photos in an online gallery on my SMUGMUG site.  They will be available there for download, prints, mugs, t-shirts, holiday cards, etc.  So the only cost will be for prints/merchandise.  Check my SMUGMUG site for prices.

It must be a local session unless you want to pay for my airfare.

Oh yeah, how do you win?  Post a comment on this blog or on facebook.  Tell me what you are thankful for this year.  We will put the names of those who comment into a hat and draw a random winner!  Man what could be more exciting!

The other request is that you make a donation to a charity of your choice using some or all of the money that you would have used for my sitting fee.  Currently $150.

I'm looking forward to taking your family photos!  Be sure to enter.  The winner will be drawn in one week on 23 November 2011.

Enter NOW!


Pumpkins & Punkins

We have a few of both.  These are a few of my favorites from our trip to the pumpkin patch recently.  The colors are amazing.  I love the blue painted picnic table where they were displaying the smaller pumpkins.  Those colors definitely caught my eye.