Somehow I always end up making these challenges about my kiddos.  They certainly are my favorite subject.  So the theme for today was bottle.  I saw lots of awesome shots of wine bottle and coke bottles.  So after a little thinking I came up with baby bottle.  Our little one is almost done drinking bottles so I thought I better capture this before she gives them up for good.

Simple light here with the Vivitar 285HV at 1/16th power into my shoot-thru umbrella.  I did decide to bring the power down to 1/16th from 1/4 power.  At 1/4, I get f5.6 at about 1 foot from the subject.  I wanted to get less DOF (depth of field) so I brought the power down and opened up the aperture.  Looks like I ended up about f3.2.  Enough for the bottle but her face is nicely out of focus.

Be blessed.


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