Kessler Wedding

What a great couple and a great wedding.  Bear with me please.  There are a lot of photos following but I am very happy with them.  My friend Mark and I teamed up for another wedding.  We have come to the conclusion that having two shooters is the way to go.  If you are involved in the planning of any weddings, please think of including us.

So I provided the Bride and Groom 3 sets of photos: normal color, aged, and black & white.  I am including some of the aged set here as they are my personal favorite and this is my blog so I get to decide (some small nugget of something that I have control over).

Things happen so fast at a wedding so in the following photos there are examples of natural light and natural light filled with strobe flash.

These two little guys are so cute.

Not sure if we should laugh at this or call the authorities. :)  Just kidding.  These two were very comfortable with each other and seemed to really enjoy being together.

I love these backlit photos.  A classic look.

This guy is already finding out how things work in this relationship. :)

Thanks so much for letting us capture your wedding.  Best wishes to you two.