Throw Up Your Rawkfist!

Being the great Dad that I am (at least that's what I'm told), I am raising up some future Rock Stars.

I was inspired by these awesome hats that we got yesterday.  They say Rock Star In Training.  I love it.  Hezekiah is always striking his rock pose. 

So I got a little edgy with the light.  Both lights are slightly behind so as not to fill in the entire face.  My umbrella is at camera left and a bare old Sunpak is camera right.

Gave it a high contrast black and white treatment in Light Room 2.

Dude, Where's My Teeth

All I Want For Christmas

Hezekiah actually asked for a portrait after he lost his second front tooth.  I was more than happy to set up 3 lights for the occaision.  I've been shooting so much ambient light lately just out of convienience.  So I lit the background with a red gelled strobe.  Used the shoot-thru for the key light.  And a bare strobe for the rim light.  Since I was set up I got Eli to stand still for a frame as well.

What A Smile

Evening At The Park

We had to return some stuff to the library.  It was going to be just Mommy.  Then Mommy asked Sister if she wanted to go.  "Yus".  Then Mommy asked Brother 2 if he wanted to go.  "Yes".  Then Mommy asked Brother 2 if he wanted to feed the ducks.  "YES!".  Then Brother 1 said "I want to go!"  Then Mommy asked Daddy if he was going to go.  "I'm not staying here by myself." he said.

So I grabbed my camera and off we went.  The sun was getting low in the sky and provided nice light for me.  In the direct sunlight above you get some good contrasty stuff going on.  Then you find some shade and you have awesome soft light.



Use the sun for backlight and you get wonderful hair accents.

Hi Daddy

And some interesting things happen when the sun is reflecting off of the lake.

By The Lake

And here's a random shot from ground level.  Not much explaining to do.  I kinda like it.

Green Grass And Good Eats


In The Tent

In The Tent

For the first time ever (ok at least from me) we will take a look inside the kids tent.  It is created from kitchen chairs, blankets, pillows, a pack-and-play, and assorted cushions.  I remember spending hours building tents and forts when I was a kid.

Mommy & Her Boys

So we built the tent and my wife said "You should take some pictures of the tent".  And I though "Yeah.  From the inside."  At first I tried with the flash inside the tent bouncing off the inside roof.  Then I thought "why not shoot through the blanket from above?"  It's definitely the most unique modifier I've used in a while.

The Tent Setup

Tent, The Grandview