I Love Family Portraits

It is very satisfying for me to capture and save moments of a loving family interacting with one another.  The technical aspects of using a camera to take a photo become secondary to just letting a family do what they do in an interesting environment with good lighting. 

So this wonderful family is the other winner of my Thanksgiving photo session giveaway.  I have known them for many years.  It was my pleasure to hang out with them for a little while.

We used flash with an umbrella (above).

We worked in the breezeway of the horse stable with ambient light only.

And backlit with the sun, exposing for the shadows and letting the background blow out. 

I finally remember to bring some Christmas props to use for this shoot and I think they worked great.  It gave the Children something to focus on and it establishes that we are actually taking Christmas portraits.  This is adorable if I may.

I enjoy a series like this showing the different expressions.

The old horse stable makes for an interesting environment in my opinion.

So, sorry about being late to the shoot.  I'm glad you guys weren't paying me for this one. :)

Merry Christmas.  You guys be blessed.


Another Great Family.

Got to spend some time with another great family.  They are one of the two families that won our Thanksgiving giveaway.  For location, they chose downtown Melbourne.  A great choice and thankfully it didn't rain on us.  A blessing.  Christmas decorations are a bonus as well.

We just spent some time walking around the area and letting the kiddos play.  Letting them interact with each other and with Mommy and Daddy.  Group shots are a struggle at this age.  Something I am oh too familiar with for my own family.  So we just go with the flow.  In my opinion, a perfectly posed shot of a family with small children doesn't capture the reality of a family with small children.  I think it nice to have those chaotic moments captured.  We (parents) will look back on them fondly apparently.  At least that is what I'm told. :)

So here we have beautiful family in a great location.  What could go wrong?  Nothing.  These kiddos are adorable.

I mean really are you kidding me with how cute they are?

This young man had some great expressions.

And they are obviously neglected. :)

This doorway was new to me but I really love the colors and the graffiti.

This pose is becoming a favorite of mine.  Kiddos window shopping.

I like the details in this door in the background.

Honestly it was difficult not to just include the entire gallery in this post but in the interest of keeping it to a somewhat reasonable length I'll just throw in a few more of my favorites.  If you want to see the whole thing just click on one of the photos.  It will take you to it.

Thank you for making the 45 minute trip to share some time with me.  I hope you enjoy these photographs.  I enjoyed it