Don't Forget To Wonder.

Mushroom Underneath

I have to give props to my sweet wife for being willing to home school our son.  I know it's a lot of extra work on top of an already busy schedule.  But between you and me (shhhh), she's a natural.  I always knew she would be amazing at it.  And she is.

So this new phase in our lives has lead us into a new era of discovery.  Lot's of first time discovery for the kiddos and rediscovery for us.  So easy to take so much for granted.  But you know what, mushrooms are a really cool creation. 

My wife brings the kiddos by for lunch like every other day.  I get in the car and find out we are going to look at mushrooms.  They had just passed by a bunch of mushrooms beside the mall parking lot.  So that's what we did.  And here's the proof.

Look Right Here

Mushroom And Pinky Pie

Mushrooms From Above

So don't forget to stop, get out of the car, and wonder.