Full Contact Photography

Full Contact

Compared with my other hobbies such as woodworking (I have some meat missing from my left thumb), shooting, reloading my own ammunition, fishing (wading the flats), I thought photography was fairly benign.  Not any more.  I was taking some shots of the boys last night.  Trying to capture Hez with his Batman mask on.  I was not successful.  But I did get a good shot to my eye.  I had a microphone stand with a superclamp and my Canon 540EZ on it.  It started to go over and I reached for it and BAM.  What I figure happened is that I did the classic "step on the rake" routine and the stand came back and got me.  Too bad you can't see the cut on top of they eye better.  It is a nice one.  Maybe I'll add another post if it gets worse over the next day or so.


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  • paggre Says:

    Thanks baby for watching the kids while I went for my river swim. I am sorry you got hurt. We have to rethink these hobbies! Love you!

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