Senior At The Park

This was a fun shoot. 

We did a lot of different things here in terms of lighting.  My gear for this was one strobe in a softbox on a boom stand with a sandbag for balance.  I used it for a key light above balanced with backlight provided by the Lord.  This softbox has become my goto modifier outdoors primarily because it handles the wind much better than an umbrella.


I didn't always use it.  Above is just the backlight.  The subjects face is in shadow and the background is allowed to blow out.


Here is a similar shot but I brought the softbox in to add some directional key light to her face.  You can see the shadows from her nose.

I like to use different perspectives as well.  Above is taken from atop the bench that you will see below.  The wood of the pier makes and interesting background with great texture.

There's the bench above. 

Her best friend since 3 years old just happened to be at the same park at the same time getting her senior portraits done as well so we took some of them together.


This one is under a gazebo with the softbox for key light and crouching until the sun just peaked under the overhang.

I love the background here.

And one of my favorites.

I hope she is blessed as she graduates into an exciting new phase of life.

I hope you are blessed too!


Travelin' Man

Here a few from a recent baby shoot.  This guy had places to go apparently.

What a cutie.  He was such a great model.