Where Have I Been?

Silly question to ask you I suppose.  Only I would know.  Anyway.  In terms of photography, I haven't been doing a lot of shooting since my last family session with our friends in the previous post.  What I have done though is open an iStock account.  Check it out if you have never heard of it.  It is a place where you can purchase licensed photography, artwork, audio, and video for use in publications or websites or any number of end uses that you may involved in.  So it is also a place for photographers (like me) to sell their work. 

So you can purchase some of my work or any the bagillion other photographers there.  They are sticklers for quality.  I have posted about 11 items so far and have a number of them rejected for being slightly out of focus or overprocessing.  I have made my first sale.  So that will pay for half of a piece of chewing gum.

So I've been reviewing my older work looking for things that might be a good stock shot.  And then seeking model releases for those involved.  Then going through the submission process which takes about a week or so.

So you may want to join as well.  To purchase or to submit some of your own.  If you have interest please follow the link below so that I will get a referral.  Thanks to my friend Mark Morgan for telling me about the referral program.

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Real Family Life

Here are some portraits of our friends that we love a lot.  It was a cold day on the beach but we had a good time. 

Simple lighting again.  One strobe, a shoot-thru umbrella and balanced with the ambient light.  It can sometimes be difficult to beat the sun with a small strobe so I've learned to wait a little longer so that the sun goes down a bit more before beginning shooting.

I love the shot at the top.  That is real family life.  Shows the chaos that is the norm.  Kids flying and grabbing hair. . .awesome.

Here's Daddy with the boys.


And big sis with the baby.

Big Sis

Love you guys.

Be blessed.