A Different Kind Of Wedding

Groom And Bride

For me that is.  For the bride and groom it was perfect.  What I mean is that all I had to do was photograph the ceremony itself.  No candid shots of people getting ready.  No rushing to set up for formal portraits afterward.  No shots of cake being smashed into someone's face.  So it made this a different kind of wedding shoot for me.  Of course I've only done one other wedding.  So I only have two data points.

Bridal Walk

But it was very relaxing knowing that I didn't have to set up any lights.  The ceremony was outside so it was all ambient light.  They were married under a gazebo.  That gave some nice flat light to the otherwise pretty splotchy light filtering through the big oak trees.

Even though I was only shooting for about 30 minutes, I managed to pop off over 300 shots.  I was really able to focus on capturing moments.  Like this one as they spoke to each other during the ceremony.

And this one as her dress was caught up on something.

I'm Caught

Otherwise I tried to capture some environmental shots to give a sense of the entire venue.

Bridal Walk

The reason I got such light duty was because one of the pastors (the bride's brother-in-law) is also a photographer and wanted to do it for them.  But obviously he couldn't be in two places at the same time.  As I left, I saw him setting up his monolight and strobe with umbrellas and taking test shots as he got ready to gather up the 40 something family members for the group shot.  And I quietly thought . . . sucker!  Just kidding Kyle, should you read this.  I would like to see what you captured.

Groom And Bride Holding Hands