Here They Come To Save The Day!

How refreshing.  You know, to get a break from the family portraits where everyone is wearing white tops and khakis.  I mean there's nothing really wrong with that.  But cameras are so good at capturing color.  I like color.  That's all I'm gonna say about that.  So, factor in color, and a family that just has a great time together and here is what you get.


It's Hard To Go Wrong

As much as photography is about composition, lighting, technique, all of that is for naught if you don't have a beautiful subject to photograph.  That's one of the reasons that I enjoy family portraits.  What's more worthy of capturing than a beautiful family and all that the institution of family represents; love, commitment, joy, struggle, victory, love (I meant to do that).  So with that in mind here are my long time friends and please contact me for booking your next family photos.


Senior In Florida

I am a Floridian, a cracker.  Many people don't know that the term "cracker" came from the crack of  the whip of the early Florida cowboys.  Many people don't know that there are cowboys (and cowgirls) in Florida, or that Florida is always 1 or 2 in cattle production in the country, or that the largest cattle ranch in the country is in Florida, or that there is great hunting in Florida, or for that matter that there are animals in Florida other than a certain mouse that seems to be so popular.  A little bitter?  Maybe.  Oh wait this is a photography blog.

So I have been to places in the country and outside the country that are beautiful.  Purple mountains, flowing rivers, you get the point.  But there is a rugged beauty to Florida once you get away from beaches and talking rodents.  Our friends lived on this beautiful property in Melbourne.

This is such a great family.  Thankful to be friends with them.  Happy to capture these senior photos for them.
This is the tree house that she grew up playing in.