Cocoa Village

Family On Steps

What a nice evening.  Perfect weather, a nice family, and my wife as my lovely assistant.  This is the first time that my wife has helped me on a shoot.  It was great.  She was a great voice-activated light stand but more than that she has a great eye for good photography and provided some great ideas during the shoot.  This was our first shoot (other than for ourselves) in Cocoa Village.  This particular building is the Porcher House.  Built in 1916 by a citrus grower.  They rent it out now for weddings and other events.  The front is kind of a colonial style look with big columns.  Interesting on the back is white siding which looks great too.

It's difficult to take a bad shot of cute subjects.  The girls are adorable.

Girls With Columns

Above are some natural light shots.  I like to do a combination.  Take advantage of whatever the situation provides.

Using the front porch and the bench (thanks Honey for the ideas) we did some flash stuff as well.

Family At Bench

I really like this stairway on the side.  This peeking over the top shot is a great look.

Girls Peeking Over Wall

Family At Stairway

Here's a better look at the front of the building.  An excellent location.

The family suggested this area with the greenery and flowers.  Great idea.

We weren't expecting to get the evening sun since it had been overcast all afternoon but we were blessed with it.  So we used it.

Here is a candid moment.  Childhood curiosity is a great thing.

You all be blessed.  Thanks family for the opportunity.


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