Senior Portraits

This was my first official Senior Portrait session.  I thought they came out great!  What a great subject.  She is a tough one to get to smile but as we got more comfortable the smiles came.  The shot above should be an advertisement for something. 

The family was interested in a walking bridge near their home so we got in the vehicles and headed over.  The bridge made for a great backdrop.  It was a challenge to time shots so that there wasn't traffic in the background.  People were slowing down to see what we were doing.

We took some natural light shots like this one here.  Sun is coming from behind so when we expose for the face some of the highlights get blown out.  I like the effect.

Then we broke out the umbrella and took some using just that balanced with the ambient light.

This should be a magazine cover.

I wanted to have everything from closeups to full length shots so that they would have plenty of choices.

Here's a closeup using the umbrella to capture the eyes.

We had Mom become a photo assistant and hold a second flash.  I used the second source for accent like the hair light on camera left here.  I love the sitting poses.  I also dig the far away look here.  Mom was concerned that she wasn't smiling enough.  I am thankful that she was giving the "say cheese" look all the time (like my kids).  I prefer having to dig for a smile.

You can see the accent coming from camera right in this one.  Still using the umbrella as key light.

Another great time with a great family.  Glad you like the shots.

If you are interested in booking me please contact me using the links above and right.  Would love to work with you.  I will be available next year (in a few weeks).

Be blessed.

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