Went out tonight to scout for a family photo session that I have planned for this weekend.  We got out late and had already lost direct sunlight so I got off a few natural light shots and then broke out the strobe and umbrella.  Downtown Melbourne, we have spent more time walking down there lately and it is actually a cool little downtown. 

Above is one of my favorite shots.  Got some personality from the kiddos and the wall is great.

On The Fence

Light Pole

This one is great too with the store lights in the background.

Scary Door

What can you say about this one.  Hilarious expressions.  I told them to look like they were scared of the spooky door.

My Babies

The family.  I like having the incandescent lights in the background to add some color contrast.

3 On The Floor

This is another one that we can put in the personality folder.


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