Typical Shoot

Typical Photoshoot

So in all honesty this is how 80-90% of my shots look. Someone is mad, sad, unhappy, hot, cold, hungry, wants to go home, doesn't want to go home, had something taken from them, took something from someone, you get the idea. So in the interest of full disclosure I thought I would put this up for all to see. I don't think I am unique here. You probably experience the same thing. I would like to hear about it.

So what do you do when this happens? We threaten loss of treats after dinner, loss of toys, loss of stars. We use stars as a reward system. If you do something good, you get a star. Something bad, you loose stars. If you get 10 stars, you get a prize of some kind. For a while, we were getting toys way too regularly. These days, they are so bad that I can't remember the last time either had 10 stars. Arggggg.

So with a little threatening we got them to smile and stand still for longer than 5 ms.

Be blessed.

The Boys

3 Response to "Typical Shoot"

  • zane hollingsworth Says:

    I love seeing pics of people/kids being themselves. Posed, smiling photos are great, but the emotion of the moment thing is cool too.

  • paggre Says:

    I agree. I could capture lots of emotion at our house.

  • beverly Says:

    it was great visiting your blog again. such nice photos. We have 2 incentive systems for our kids (who are now slightly older than yours) - we have allowance (we read David Owen's book First National Bank of Dad - highly recommend) and since my eldest is monetarily motivated the threat of taking away 5 or 10 cents changes his behavior! We also implemented a poker chip system - each color is worth different amount of minutes. You can earn minutes doing diff things - read books, sports practice, get ready for bed on time on their own etc and you can spend chips on media time - tv, computer, computer games. Works great. Sometimes I bribe them with chips for posing for me :-) Food/treat bribes also work in our house. I was also impressed with the PayPal link on the blog - a great way to manage photos for something like that. Thanks!

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