Our Friends

You Said We Could Do A Puzzle
Here are a few shots made while visiting our great friends in South Carolina. It rained (and then snowed) the entire time we were there so we stayed inside mostly which gave opportunity to set up the lights. The house was great in the living room here. Exposed beams in the ceiling worked great with a super-clamp from Manfrotto. So the setup is the same in this group. I used the old Sunpak 411 for the the background @ 1/4 power. A gridded Canon 540EZ is hanging from the ceiling @ 1/32th power. And the 285HV is going thru a white shoot-thru umbrella @ 1/16th power.

They also had an awesome sun-room facing west. I took some natural light portraits as well. I think the next post will contain those shots.

Be blessed.

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