Just A Reflector

So I went out back with the boys today with my camera and my autoshade from Wal-Mart. The day is sunny so I figured I could use the sun and the reflector for two light sources.

In the shot above, the sun is coming from above and behind the subject from camera right. I stuck the reflector in close camera right in front.

For these last two shots, the setup is thus: sun from camera left and slightly behind and the reflector used to fill from camera right.

This is a very inexpensive and effective way to make a little more interesting light. My autoshade is silver. I would like to have a gold one but I haven't found one yet.

Post processing done in Lightroom. Man I really like using that. Haven't found something to do in photoshop in a while. Especially for portrait touch-up.

Be blessed.
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2 Response to "Just A Reflector"

  • zane hollingsworth Says:

    It's amazing what you can do with a reflector. I just watched the new Nikon CLS DVD with Joe McNally, and he is constantly using a reflector. Often he bounces a flash into it, with the reflector just in front of the subject on the ground.

    Lots of times I will use a news paper, or whatever I can find if I don't have my big reflector with me.

  • paggre Says:

    I have done the same thing. Even a white t-shirt one time.

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