More Fun With A Reflector

How Sweet It Is

I have been enjoying using a reflector with the fam out back. I really REALLY really love this picture of my daughter with my wife framing her face. Wow. I am thankful to be Daddy in this house.

Anyway just using the reflector to bring in some light wherever you choose. I really want to find a gold autoshade but I may have to break down and buy an actual photo reflector to get that color.

So here are few more from yesterday afternoon. These days anytime I ask to take Eli's picture, this is the face I get. Oh well, at least he isn't running from me like he used to.

This Is What You Get

I like the pose in this shot. Like he is in deep though about something. Again bringing in the reflector for fill from underneath.

Deep Thought

And finally my sweet wife Gretchen and my boy Eli. Hummm. Don't want to get too sappy here so I'll say . .

Be Blessed.

My Babies

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