Another Great Time With Another Great Family

So it actually gets cold in Florida.  Especially when the wind is blowing.  When I got up on this morning to go to our session I thought "Wow, it is really cold out, I didn't consider this."  But these guys are troopers.  And we did it.  And no one froze.  Well maybe except the little guy below.  The idea was to get family portraits for Christmas but also then get him by himself for his birthday.  So he had to do a shirt change.  Poor little guy was shivering.  Daddy started talking about warm hot chocolate and that seemed to help.  Gotta love the power of suggestion.

I love the morning sun coming through the gazebo in the lead shot above.

I always think it is such a shame, all the neglected children I have to see during these family sessions. :)

Be blessed.

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