Could You Please Smile?

This was a difficult session.  As you'll see in the photographs, it was a challenge to get these guys to smile and have fun.  So stuffy. :)  Obviously, I am so joking.  They were great. 

The difficulty wasn't them.  Let's see.  We had to postpone this session a few weeks ago because of 30 mph onshore winds.  So this time Hurricane Sandy has just passed us.  I picked the location because it is generally not busy.  So I arrived early to scope the area only to find that Sandy had caused severe erosion.  There was almost no beach.  There was maybe 3 feet of sand in front of some of the dunes before the drop off.  And oh yeah there was a huge wedding, and oh yeah another photographer was with a client.  Not ideal but we worked with it.  And at least the wind died off so that I was able to set up strobes and an umbrella.

I think we got some great results.  It's hard to go wrong with such a fun family.  Laughing and smiling translates well in photographs.

Be blessed!


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