Ole' Rattlers

What is it about old steam engines?  You may not care about them at all.  But for me, there is something about them.  I suppose there is the historical side.  Movies maybe.  But seeing them in person.  I should say experiencing them in person.  They seem to have a life about them.  A piece of cold iron that when you put fire in its belly it starts to come to life.  Steam escaping from relief valves.  Breathing.  In person you feel the percussion of the pistons as they start to turn the wheels.  Yeah, I like them.

We took a ride on this one in Tavares, FL.  All the way to the North Pole actually.  The engine was amazing but the cars are restored as well and look great.

If you ever get the opportunity to see one, or even better ride one, you should do it.

Be blessed.


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