One Light Portrait

Smile, originally uploaded by paggre.

This is my favorite type of photo to take. Or maybe it is the one that I take most often. Trying to capture candid photos with off-camera lighting is challenging. I have tried a setting up my equipment with multiple lights and then coaxing my kids into the zone. Works sometimes. But I really want to capture those faces that just happen from day to day. When I go man I wish I had my camera. So having one light and an umbrella is easy to move around while the kiddos are playing. Especially with radio triggers. There are no cables to trip over and get angry with.

So I was trying to capture another face that she has been making for the past few days. She did it once with her hands in front of her face. Arghh. So I did get this great happy face.

I move the umbrella in close. Take a couple test shots, checking for blown highlights. Then just wait for her to do something cute. That's photography for me today.


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