I did my first commercial work. If you are in the food business and are tired of entering your temperature data by hand, you need this system: Temp Taker.

So I am using the plexiglass over a black table. This works nicely because it reflects whatever you set up for the background. I have been looking for a piece of black granite to use but this is cheaper I think. Anyway, I had the plexi laying around and read about this from Strobist or possibly DIY Photography.

The photo with the red background uses a 285HV into a silver umbrella for the key light. There is also a gelled Sunpak 411 for the background. My fedex reflector is providing fill.

The shot with the black background uses the 285HV into a silver umbrella for the key light. The Sunpak 411 handles the rim light. The fedex box is the fill and creates the nice specular highlight on the LCD screen.

For post processing I cleaned up dust on the unit. Used a little unsharpen mask for sharpening (that one still baffles me).

Please critique if you have time. And remember to order a few Temp Takers.

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