My First Family Portrait Shoot

My first family portrait shoot for friends. I was very happy with the results. I hope they are as well. I got there early to look around and set up. I got my equipment all put together and started taking some test shots to determine ambient/flash ratios.

I ended up setting the 285HV into the silver umbrella at 1/2 power to get f5.6. I am very comfortable with the on light portrait. . .because it is only one light. I tried the bare Canon 540EZ for rim light on two of the photos seen here. Added some nice separation on the shadow side.

We were down by the river and kept getting gusts of wind. One knocked over my umbrella. The umbrella hit first then rolled over for the flash to hit. Vivitar is fine. Umbrella was bent up a bit but I was able to carefully bend it back enough to be functional.

A good experience and I think we got some very good photos. Please critique if you have time.

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