James James

James James, originally uploaded by paggre.

Another shoot for my wife's blog. Notice the differences between these James. So my two boys were having a knock-down drag-out fight over these things. I, in my most calm and rational voice, said "Have you lost your minds?!!! These things are exactly the same! Now go have a timeout in separate bedrooms!" So we do not let them come out until they have stopped crying so it sounds quiet and I let them come out. Hez starts out, his eyes red from crying, "No Daddy, that is not Eli's because mine has eyebrows!!!" I picked up the little engines to examine them. "Dog gone if you ain't right!" I said. Amazing how they study these toys and notice all the slight variations. So we considered that blog-worthy and I got to photograph the two engines.

Strobist: 1 285HV into silver umbrella choked up and crumpled a little @ 1/4 power camera right, 1 sunpak 411 @ 1/16 power gelled red for the background. Also had the everpresent FEDEX box for a reflector camera left. I put a piece of plexi over a black table top. Almost a granite thing going on. Using the gimp, I sharpened it a little and with the clone tool got rid of a little bleed through from the umbrella on the background.

Please critique if you have time.


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