I'm Cute Alright!

I'm Cute Alright!, originally uploaded by paggre.

Ah yes. The elusive Eli. It is rare to capture this one in his natural habitat. This one of the few photographs in the world of this particular species, boyus insanicus maximus.

While my older son has this whole photography thing down, this one runs like the wind when Daddy breaks out the camera. "No! Not take my pictur!" is the typical response. So this capture is a treat. I set up the lighting and do a few test shots before I bring in the "talent". Then I put something on the floor like a piece of paper and ask them to stand on it so that they are in the right spot.

So here I have my usual setup: 1 285HV into silver umbrella @ 1/4 power camera left. Silver Wal-Mart autoshade camera right. Sunpak 411 @ 1/2 power for background. Again with the dark green comforter for the backdrop.

Please critique if you have time.


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