Well hello there baby.

I had the privilege of photographing our friends' baby yesterday.  This baby, we are particularly happy to see because we have been praying for her for such a long time.  And now she's here and she's beautiful.  Mommy and daddy and grandma are extremely happy and she is destined to be neglected I'm sure (if by neglect you mean spoiled like crazy). :)

The shots were taken in the hospital. because of that I wanted to travel light so I brought the camera, a flash, an umbrella, and a stand. I didn't bring any reflectors because I knew there would be no shortage of white sheets, white pillows, and other items that can be used as stand in reflectors. So some of the shots were taken with the umbrella and for some I shot the flash into the ceiling.

Thanks to the nurse on this one for setting up this shot. She was a good sport.

There are those eyes.

Thinking about Daddy here!

Sweet feet.

Thinking about the photographer here.

We can't wait to see you again baby, oh yeah by the way get used to the flash. :)


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