Doing photography for others has it's own challenges and thereby inspires creativity. However, the busyness of life sometimes drowns the inspiration to photograph the amazing things that surround me everyday. Today, I got to go to my children's swimming lessons. My children are perfect (to me), the lighting was perfect . . . Inspiration.

It seems like once I realize that the light is good I get into a zone. I recall reading an article about a famous photographer. A junior photographer had a chance to tag along with him one day. Some advice that he gave was that photographers spend too much time concentrating on the subject and not enough on the light. His approach was that once you have great lighting, put a subject in it. Everything looks better when it is lit well. So true! I encourage all of you aspiring photographers to learn as much as you can about light.

Here you have all of the reflective surfaces of a pool combining for wonderful flat light.

Here you have the sun behind the subject creating beautiful rim lighting.


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