Scouts Are Awesome

Got to photograph Scout Dens this past weekend.  It was a great time.

Started shooting at 400p as the sun started moving behind a tree line to create a nice shady spot where I could control the lighting.  I am using two strobes.  One through an umbrella as the key and a bare one for accent.  You can see the bare strobe creating a nice edge from the left of the frame.

I balanced this with the ambient almost 1:1.  I may have let the ambient drop 1/3 stop at times.

I thought it would be fun to let the kids be, well kids.  So I took individuals using the umbrella from the front and left for key and the bare strobe from the back right as accent.

Then a group shot.  These are ambient light only.

And then I set up for the fun shot.  I had visualized this a week or two before.  I wanted something to raise the boys so that I could get this composition.  I considered hay bales, picnic benches, and others but here is a loading dock type of thing.  Perfect.

I set the leader in position (you know, arms crossed, showing what a great leader they are) and then walked back to the kiddos and told them that when I say "alright, look at me", go crazy.  I gave them ideas: fingers in noses, tongues sticking out, etc.  Turns out I didn't need to give them ideas.  This is just how they are. :)  I should know because one of my sons is included here.

Here's a few more for good measure.

To be fair to the troop at the top, here's proof that they can be civil.

And by they way the leaders really are great leaders.
I hope you enjoy these photos.  They definitely make me smile.

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