Beach Bride

This was the latest wedding.  A wedding overlooking the beach.  Funny how you take for granted the place that you live.  But the ocean really is amazing.  And makes for amazing photographs.

The above shot and this one are a couple of my favorites. 

Here are a few more on the beach.

Always be on the lookout for details that help tell the story of the wedding day.

The rings are obvious.  I found some of the flowers to shoot through for the ring shots.

Necklaces, hairpieces, shoes etc. are some details that may be overlooked.

Candids, of course, are requested by most every one.  Capturing moments that would otherwise pass by.  Here is the bride with her brother and sister.

And the kiddos are some of my favorite subjects.  This particular one was difficult to get a shot of.

Be blessed.


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