This IS My First Rodeo

Eight Seconds

Not the first one I've been to but the first one I've ever tried to photograph.  And I wasn't there to photograph it.  I was there as Husband and Daddy on vacation and just happened to have my camera across my shoulder.  But I am a photographer so I have to at least try to get some decent shots.

Here's the deal.  We are in the bleachers across the arena opposite the stalls.  It is 730p and raining.  The natural light level is dropping fast and we're gonna be left with nothing but the mercury vapor (or whatever they are) lights in the stadium.  I start with my 18-135 so I can get a little closer to the action at least.  I still have to crop to get an interesting composition.  So that's what you see above and here with these two.  All are at ISO1600 so it's grainy but hey that's actually a good depiction of the rodeo.  So f5.6 at 1/25 is not stopping action.  But you do get a good sense of motion.  So I took a lot of shots just to get a few that weren't so impressionistic.

Ride 'em

Cowboy Up

As the ambient light went away completely f5.6 wasn't cutting it so I switched to my 50mm 1.8 and was able to 1/125s.  But now I did a lot of cropping to come up with this.


Bottom line, I wasn't even close to having gear suitable for this shooting situation.  But I made the most of it and got a few shots that I think are cool.

Be blessed.

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