Got a chance to do some product photography for a cool local business.  They make fire extinguishers for RV's and racecars.  Very cool I think.

So the idea is that his webmaster wanted some shots on black that he could separate for use on his website HERE.  So I brought some black foam core for background and some white foam core for reflectors.  In the above shot I used a strobe and shoot-through for key @ camera right and white foam core for fill @ camera left.  The metal cage around the nozzle didn't have a well defined edge so I added another strobe with a grid on it behind and camera left to help that situation.  This set up was great for the red extinguishers.  But not so much for the shiny aluminum ones.  The top left edge of the canister was still being lost in the black.  So I added another piece of foamcore behind and camera right to define that edge.  Here is the shot and setup below.


Fire Extinguisher Diagram

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