Fun With Black & White

Fun With Black & White

I really like good black and white photographs.  I'm not sure what makes a good one a good one.  I suppose I lack the artistic language to describe it.  I took these and had worked them up in color.  Just for fun I tried converting them to grayscale and to me they went from good to great.  The curly hairs (that Daddy loves by the way), the super sharp eyes.  You be the judge.

I haven't posted in a while.  Life is busy.  I am currently shucking my responsibilities as I type.  I have tile work to do in the bathroom, the cedar playground needs some repair, the pavers in the back yard need work, I have to mount an igniter to the burner I installed in the grill.  But it is just so much more rewarding to share photos. 

Fun With Black & White


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  • paggre Says:

    I think they are absolutely terrific! Congrats on the Flicker status! :) You are really a talented photographer, I am so glad other get to see your awesome work and take note! You are also pretty awesome at everything my precious! I love you! Have a great afternoon! Your girl forever and ever! Hugs and kisses galore!

  • Anonymous Says:

    I am thankful that you are my biggest fan!

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