Another Family Portrait Session

Family Portrait

I must admit that I really enjoy these family sessions.  It is informal and we take an hour or so to just hang out and capture some cool candid shots as well as some nice posed ones as well.  These are a few of my favorites from my most recent shoot.

Above is the only one that I included that is lit with flash.  I have my Vivitar 285HV shooting thru and umbrella camera right at full power.  Even though it was evening the sun was lighting the ocean quite brightly.  And I was using my 28-135 that starts at f3.5.  The 50mm 1.8 just wasn't wide enough to capture enough environment here.  This was at f5.6 to get some added sharpness from that lens.

This is just as sweet as anything with the baby doll. 

Me And My Baby

Here we have Daddy with his girls in the nice late evening sun.  I like the triangle formed with the three of them.

Daddy And His Girls

Someone loves Daddy.  This is a nice moment with a full up natural laugh.

My Daddy

I love the simplicity here.

Child Portrait

I was getting a little artsy here.  The heart kind of mirrors what the dress is doing.

A couple more sweet smiles and great curls like my daughter.

I hope you guys enjoy these photos.  I had fun capturing them.

Be blessed.


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