Stay Tuned!

So I photographed my first wedding.  Really happy with the results.  I haven't delivered anything to the couple yet so I want to wait until that happens before I start throwing their special day around the net to all 3 of you that read this.  I learned a few things.  I experimented with flash blur, something that I had tried before with little success.  It rained.  So the adventure will be unveiled in the near future. 

Be blessed.


2 Response to "Stay Tuned!"

  • zane hollingsworth Says:

    Can't wait to see how your wedding shoot went. I've got to shoot a wedding that we are also hosting in about 2 weeks. I'm beyond nervous, more like terrified.

  • Anonymous Says:

    I was concerned as well. Once it started though, things just roll along and you get what you get. It was definitely a challenge. So let me know what you think.

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