More From The Wedding

The Gazeebo by you.

Here are a few more from the wedding that I shot recently.  They asked me to capture the decorations so that's what I did.  It did look very nice.  The house is an awesome country house with a huge wrap-around front porch.  The grounds are covered with big oak trees.  Nice place to get married.  So the first one above is a shot of one of the flower arrangements with the decorated gazeebo in the background.  The flowers were in the shadow of the porch so I brought in my shoot-thru up close and camera right.  The ratio here with the ambient is pretty close.  It looks like maybe a half stop.

The Farley's

Here is the front of the house.  Ambient light only here.  You can see the challenge for portraits by looking at the light filtering through the oak trees and hitting the ground in front of the house.  Blotchy, contrasty light; not good for portraits.  So that's why I drug around my umbrella on a stand.


Here is another ambient shot of some decorations with the gazeebo framed by one of the oaks.

More Decorations

Great job to whoever decorated.  It really looked great.

The Cake

Oh yes, the cake.  Yummy by the way.  I hit this with the shoot-thru as well. 

Cactus Trigger Update
Just wanted to add that I am still using the Cactus Triggers and have been completely happy with them.  Had an experience here where when I moved inside the house with the flashes, they weren't firing at all.  I mean at all.  I switched channels about 3 times and found one that was clear and they fired every time after that.


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