Lightroom 2

Here are a few shots that I took yesterday in the late afternoon. The sunlight is great. I have been so into using strobes lately that I have forgotten how much fun it is to just take pictures without setting up umbrellas and reflectors and radio triggers.

So I post-processed these in Lightroom 2.2. What a great tool. I thought I might give my current opinion on Lightroom verses Photoshop. I find myself staying in Lightroom and not using Photoshop. Now I'm not an expert Photoshopper at all. So I know that there are those that can really get things done quickly in there. But Lightroom is more intuitive and keeps the layers and non-destructive editing under the hood. Very nice. I believe that Lightroom 1 did not allow for local adjustments such as touch-ups for skin and eyes. Lightroom 2 does this. It has a healing tool and clone tool, which in my opinion are two of the best things about Photoshop.

In these shots I have also used the gradient tool. I learned about this tool from David Ziser's website This is a very powerfull tool. Instead of being constrained to a circular vignette, you can darken, in a gradient fashion, anywhere. This could be done with the Burn tool but this is quicker for me.

I'd be curious if you have experience with the two. What do you think?


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  • zane hollingsworth Says:

    Great Photos. I check in on your blog periodically & love to watch your photography progress. Each post you seem to get better and better. I too get caught up in trying to "strobist" a lot of my photos and neglect the great later afternoon natural light.

    I do most of my post work in LR2 now as well. If I have an image that requires PS, I'll use it. I am much more comfortable using LR2.

    Enjoy you photos and blog. Keep it up.

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