Daddy's Girl

I am very happy with this one. Got this one last night. Mommy took the boys out on a toy run and Maggie and I had a photo shoot. Poor thing has a cold so she had redness on her cheek and chin from the snot (sorry, too much info).

The lighting setup is two-lights. One 285HV into a white shoot-thru umbrella camera right @ 1/4 power. Very close to the subject. And a bare 540EZ camera left and behind for the accent light. I am going to try to include a lighting diagram created at which is a really neat tool.

In Photoshop, I had to fix the red areas on her face. I tried selecting and apply curves to the red channel but could never seem to get the right selection. So I was removing red in areas that I didn't want to do that. So I ended up using the healing tool with good success. If you have better ideas about this, please let me know.

So here is the lighting diagram.


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