A Snoot On The Playground

I am very happy with these. Have tried this before without the success because I didn't balance the ambient very well. The snooted source is very harsh if you are working very far above the ambient. So you need to use the ambient to fill in the shadows. I found 2 stops to be too much so these were like 1 1/3 or 1 2/3 stops down for the ambient.

I had made a cardboard snoot covered in gaffers tape. What I don't like about that one is that you are not able to change the size of the opening. These are done with the foam snoot. Nice because it is inexpensive and infinitely configurable. So I used an opening about half the size of the 285 flash head.

I also really like how the grain of the wood pops out with the flash.

So go out and try some flash photography!

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