Scary., originally uploaded by paggre.

So friends let me borrow some more flashes. And this is one that I captured. He told me that this is a superhero face. Scary I think. So I had a bare 285HV camera left @ 1/16th, bare SB600 camera right @ 1/16th power, bare Sunpak 411 for background @ 1/2 power. Took a while to get the background useable. The Sunpak 411 is an old flash and I didn't have any modifiers made for it. It is hanging off of a floor lamp post with a bungee tie. This is the first time that I have tried side lighting because, well, until now I have only had one strobe. I like the look. I would like to have had some rim light from behind if I had another strobe. I can see where this would get addictive.


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