Oh Maggie.

Oh Maggie., originally uploaded by paggre.

Here's are two shots. Both with the same lighting setup; a 285HV into silver umbrella @ 1/16th power, bare SB600 camera left @ 1/16th power for hairlight, Sunpak 411 @ 1/32 power for background. The Sunpak is using an optical slave and it could only "see" the SB600. So the SB600 was not firing every time and when that happens, the Sunpak doesn't fire either. I didn't investigate it very much. I was thinking that the SB600 wouldn't fire in standby mode. So after I missed this shot (well I didn't really miss it, I just turned it into a single light portrait) I started firing the flashes once before I took a shot. You can see the setup working in the first shot with hairlight and background light.


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