Fall In Kentucky

We went to my family reunion this weekend in Kentucky.  Can't even describe how great the trip was on so many levels.  Had some revelations about my Dad's history.  Grew closer to my sister and her family (I love you guys).  Here they are!

Anyway, before I get too mushy, there was some photography going on as well.  The leaves thankfully changed while we were there.  So in my sister and brother-in-law's back yard me and the boys had some adventures.  They quickly got tired of Daddy stopping every 100 feet and setting up a strobe and umbrella.  But I was undeterred. 

OK I was a little deterred by this guy.  If you have a genus and species on this, please let me know.

The colors were amazing.

The shots above are using a strobe in a shoot-thru umbrella.

Here are two of my favorites from down by the lake.  These are just backlit shots exposed for the shadows on the face.

I'll leave you with this smiley face!


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